Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing
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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
Spiritual and Emotional Resets to Heal Narcissistic Abuse

Spiritual and Emotional Resets to Heal Narcissistic Abuse

audio healing qi gong healing quick self care Jan 18, 2022

In a changing world, ascending our core energies is critical to creating a reality that is positive and aligned with light. But that can be very hard to do when our core energies have been drained by people who have belittled us, gaslit us, and pulled energy from us in a vampiric way.

What is the core energy?

Imagine a bright light in the center of your being, running from the crown point of your head, down the spine.  That is the core energy.

At birth, we all have core energies that are perfectly attuned to the frequency of love and God. Yet, as we experience life, we allow our emotional responses and core beliefs to change the frequency of that core energy.

Core energies may become more dim and less vibrant as stress overwhelms us --and as we get siphoned by emotional energy vampires. Sometimes, we are not even aware that others are pulling from us in a most damaging way. Yet, we can restore the higher vibration to our core energies with these strategies.

Use Medical Qi Gong Breath Work to Recalibrate Your Core

As empathic women, it is vital to use qi gong breath work to release the energy of emotions as you move through your day to avoid the snowball effect of experiencing feelings that are activated as we engage others.

Take that deep inhalation and imagine calming energy flooding inward.

Use Qi Gong Movements to Realign Your Physical Energy with God

Qi gong movements are designed to help empathic people release from their cells and energy pathways energies that are not serving them well or that may be contributing to a feeling of being overwhelmed that can get in the way of connecting to God.

I want you to think about this--when you feel overwhelmed, in that moment, you are not aligned with God's protection, wisdom and nourishment.  So it's so important to release all the energies that are tugging on you, simplify by letting go--and making time to refuel yourself.

The beauty is that it often only takes 5 minutes to begin realigning and reviving at that deep level through that reconnection with God.

 Need help with using 5 minute resets to restore yoursel? Join the Get Your Mojo Back herbal healing membership and bask in a year-long supportive container where you can effortlessly reset yourself in a supportive sisterhood virtual circle that is deeply restorative. Send me the word MOJO and I'm happy to share more with you. 


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