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Qi Gong Stretch to Connect Deeply with God: Day 7 Challenge for Empaths to Get Closer to God:

qi gong healing quick self care Jan 21, 2023

Some days we are warriors, fierce and brave.

Other days we are discombobulated messes

Most days we are a blend of both.

On those days when you are struggling,  notice that your connection to God wavers.

It happens to all of us--even women clergy and church leaders. 

We waiver in our humanness.

Guess what? It's okay.

When you feel that way, try this gentle qi gong reset:

1. Stretch upwards to the heavens.

If your hands and arms cannot stretch up without pain or restriction, just imagine yourself stretching up and make your body tall.

2. Pulse with the intention of reconnecting to God as you reach toward His heavens.

3. Then bend to the side, and release anything that is blocking you from God's glory and blessings.

4. This stretch is also a wonderful accent to praise and worship.

Pulse as you stretch and praise God.  Shout out your gratitude!

Try it and let me know how it felt.

If you're struggling as an empathic woman to stay connected to the peace of God and find yourself anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted often, drop me a private message to [email protected] and let's talk about how you can start to shift this with some of the gift resets customized just for you.

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