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Reduce Anxiety in 5 Minutes with a Qi Gong Breath Reset (First Corinthians and Psalm 104)

audio healing guided meditation qi gong healing quick self care Dec 29, 2022

Happy New Year and thank you for taking a pause to invest in you.

Did you know that controlling your emotions quickly is not only possible, but also necessary for a successful 2023?

When our emotions are intense, we lose connection with the peace of God...and our anxieties start to snowball, brain fog sets in, and exhaustion comes crashing down on us.

But it doesn't have to be that way..

Instead of making new year's resolutions this year--try the practice of resetting yourself into God's frequency of peace.

Kick off the year and click the video to enjoy a reset based on First Corinthians and Psalm 104.

This reset is a New Year's gratitude gift from me to you.

It is an excerpt from the Get Your Mojo Back healing journey that helps empathic women stop the drain of being an empathic woman--and we'll be launching a new cohort 1/28/23!

Participant Joy. P. shared,  "I just love the calming effect this whole process has had on my life. This is such a special treat that adds value to my life that I can't even begin to say with words.."

Cheryl P. added, "It has helped me get off the roller coaster of feelings and bring down the anxiety--the resets are really helping me."

Let's move into 2023 together as strong empathic women, empowered to turn our sensitivities into our strongest super powers.

Hugs, gratitude and God's light,



I'm looking to work with a small group of women intimately for the 12 weeks Get Your Mojo Back healing journey starting 1/28/23.

Even if you've never thought your brain could get quiet or that your energy levels could be higher, Get Your Mojo Back is just for you because it immediately begins to calm and restore your mojo in ways that are as easy to engage as laying back on your favorite lounger and just listening.

Participant Christa described the healings as warm, soothing and comforting as a weighted blanket that just wraps around you.

Get your 2023 off to the strongest start and say bye to exhaustion and overwhelm, reply to [email protected] with the word MOJO and I'm happy to share more details and save a spot for you.

Meanwhile, stay safe and with God.

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