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Day 4: Relieve Anxiety with Breath to Reconnect to God

anxiety relief quick self care Jan 17, 2023

Relieve anxiety right now. 


when we use our breath to calm our nervous systems, we can immediately access the  magic and mojo that comes from being a child of God. 


Anxiety is the result of having experienced trauma that disconnected us from God’s energy  flowing within us so that we forget that we are held well in safety, loved and protected. 

We forget that we have all of these amazing gifts inside of us that flow in the frequency of God. 

In moments of anxiety, we only feel overwhelmed and often alone. 

Breathing deeply with intention reconnects us to God and softens the energy of anxiety. 

Come back often to this real and share it with a friend who needs a reminder that the Spirit of God lives within her through her magic and her mojo. 

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