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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
You can Help Women Who are Experiencing the Ravaging Effects of Narcissistic Abuse:

You can Help Women Who are Experiencing the Ravaging Effects of Narcissistic Abuse:

audio healing Dec 22, 2023

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I am Kay Hutchinson of Aiki Healing, your host. Do you know that women who experience narcissistic abuse have higher incidences of developing cancer, neurological disorders, organ failure,  auto-immune diseases, depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation?

It's true.  The effects of narcissistic abuse can be quite devastating. 

I’d like to share a quick story with you. 

*Donna sat in tears on the edge of my session table as she quietly announced, “Kay, the doctors say I will need dialysis and I’m barely 63.”

The relentless stress from living with a narcissistic and abusive husband, had taken its toll on Donna’s kidneys and immunity.

When she was rushed to the ER with a severe infection, no one realized her kidneys were fragile. So, she was given a very strong antibiotic, not recommended for people with kidney damage, which caused even more damage to her already weakened kidneys.  

Now, she faced the possibility of living the rest of her life on dialysis.

As if that were not enough, she was also living with the constant and agonizing pain of a spine that was horrifically damaged from four car wrecks and multiple surgeries.

I began working with Donna through the Aiki Healing “Get Your Mojo Back” scholarship program, a year-long journey using emotional, dietary, and herbal reset tools to heal the ravaging effects of narcissistic abuse.

Within 90 days, we were able to reverse near Stage 5 kidney disease back to Stage 3 which means she is now able to live life without dialysis.

That’s not all. 

We also reduced the inflammation and pain in her body, so she was able to get off prescription pain medications.

She was also able to control anxiety and stress such that her new husband even noticed the shifts in her moods and levels of peace.

Unfortunately, many women who have experienced abuse, especially women of color like Donna, are not able to get this type of holistic help.

They are often at the mercy of health disparities and end up with permanent damage to their health.

You see most doctors do not consider the unique bodies of women who have been abused or their emotional journeys. 

Sometimes health professionals prescribe medications and treatments with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality.

This ends up damaging the fragile health of women who have experienced the chronic stress of narcissistic abuse.

Aiki Healing is on a mission to change that.

The Aiki Healing “Get Your Mojo Back” scholarship program empowers women of color to bridge health disparities by providing direct access to personalized holistic and complementary health mentoring so they can restore:

  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Stability
  • Alignment with God’s purpose and path for their lives.

It costs $5000+ per woman per year to mentor her holistically and provide complementary care such as: 

  • Serving as an advocate to help her navigate traditional health care.
  • One-on-one mentoring.
  • On-going group cohort healing journeys that create deep lifestyle changes.

With your generous sponsorship, Aiki Healing will be able to help more women like Donna.

As Minister Sonya Hosey of Moore 4 Sisters Ministries shares, “Kay, there is just no other program like this. As a leader, and a woman of God, I’ve been able to heal deep emotional wounds and reduce treatments for a rare autoimmune condition that impacts my brain–by 50% with the quick mindfulness resets and your personalized coaching.”

And that’s not all…I now use the resets and strategies from “Get Your Mojo Back” during my personal prayer time and during presentations for other women ministers–so that as I heal deeply, so do I help other women of faith to heal as a clergy member.”

Won’t you take a moment to help more women like Donna and Sonya?

Two Easy Ways to Help

  1.      Sponsor the “Get Your Mojo Back” Scholarship Fund: Your financial contribution will directly fund the services that Aiki Healing provides to abused women.
  2.      Spread the Word: Share this letter or podcast episode with your friends, family, and network. Encourage them to join us in supporting the daughters of God’s kingdom to thrive by getting awareness of the program into the hands of women who need to heal AND to people who want to help fund the scholarship.

 Sponsorship Opportunities

Aiki Healing has partnered with Sonya Hosey's Moore 4 Sisters Ministries, a 501c3 nonprofit to create the Get Your Mojo Back scholarship fund so that your generous contribuitons may be tax deductible. You can donate at the Moore 4 Sisters Ministries website, "Iron Sharpens Iron 4 My Sisters."

What level of impact would you like to make? Pick your level and donate here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

What level of impact would you like to make?

Diamond Sponsor ($100,000+): Sponsors 20+ women.

Platinum Sponsor ($50,000 - $99,999): Sponsors 10 to 20 women.

Gold Sponsor ($25,000 - $49,999): Sponsors 5 to 10 women.

Silver Sponsor ($10,000 - $24,999): Sponsors 2 to 5 women.

Bronze Sponsor ($5,000 - $9,999): Sponsors 1-2 women.

Supporter ($1,000 - $4,999): Sponsors 2-10 community workshops for women's health ministries

Friend of the Scholarship ($200 - $999): Sponsors giving free herbal formulations to 10-50 women with ongoing chronic health challenges resulting from narcissistic abuse.

We thank Friends of the Scholarship donors Cheryl Purnell, Diane Falcon, and Moriah Polanco for their generous and ongoing donations throughout 2023.

 *Donna is a real client of Aiki Healing who has graciously given permission to share her story with the caveat that I change her name for privacy.




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