Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing
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Bite Sized Guide for Healing Narcissistic Abuse

Oct 28, 2023

To get the most out of this guide:

Book mark this page so you can easily return to this series of healing resets.

Last, find a quiet place where you can engage the 5-8 minute resets undisturbed.  Take it in gentle chunks.  You don't have to do all of them at once.

Now on to the guide.

Pathological narcissists are capable of completely decimating your personal and professional lives but how do we recover from the devastation?

These resets are designed for empaths who recognize the futility and damage of staying with a narcissist and have stopped engaging the narcissist.

If you are still engaging a narcissist, these resets will not help you heal--but they may give you the clarity to leave.

True healing is only possible once we cut ties with narcissists and go "no contact,"

Let's start healing with these six healings designed to kickstart the process of deeper restoration.

Identify if you've been fed upon and damaged by a narcissist.

5 Signs a Narcissist is Feeding on Your Energy

Next, let go of the shame and blame.

It's not our fault--narcissists are as prolific as oxygen molecules and skilled at masquerading their true vampiric natures.

Let go of the myth that simply being an empath makes you susceptible to narcissistic attacks.

Having soft boundaries and co dependent behaviors make anyone (empath or not) more vulnerable to narcissistic attacks.

 Remember that there are plenty of empaths (and non empaths) who have strong boundarires and are not co-dependent who have experienced damage from narcissists.

So we need to be gentle with ourselves--and let go of the blame and shame.

Reconnect to Your Body

As empaths, we go numb in our bodies when we engage narcissists--and over time this leads to chronic health challenges and an ongoing sense of discombobulation.

This reset helps you to start reconnecting to your body.

Center & Ground Yourself Quickly

Next, we need to center ourselves so that we can regain clarity of next steps in our healing process.

Here's a reset to ground you.

Detach the Narcissistic Energy from Your Energy Body

Once we are centered, we detach any tendrils of the narcissist's energy from ourselves. It is not unsusual for their energy to linger with us even years after we have left them:

Here's how you can detach energy vampire energy from your body mind and spirit.

Reconnect with Your Ability to Experience Joy

Last, we need to reconnect our ability to access joy. That is one of our spiritual nutrients that get completely decimated when we tip toe on eggshells around a naricissist and try to accommodate and navigate their unstable energies and their abusive behaviors.

Try this joy reset right now

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