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Qi Gong Stretch to Connect Deeply with God: Day 7 Challenge for Empaths to Get Closer to God: qi gong healing quick self care Jan 21, 2023

Some days we are warriors, fierce and brave.

Other days we are discombobulated messes

Most days we are a blend of both.

On those days when you are struggling,  notice that your connection to God wavers.

It happens to all of us--even women clergy and church leaders. 

We waiver in our...

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Day 6: 8 Days Challenge to Get Closer to God through Sunrises qi gong healing quick self care Jan 20, 2023

Fun Empath Fact

We have the ability to connect in deeply with God through every molecule of sunshine.

Make it a practice to rise early and watch the sunrise to really feel the power of God grounding and centering you.

Do some simple qi gong breathing while you gaze at the colors.

Exhale long for a...

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Day 5: Relieve Stress & Connect to God Quickly by Engaging Animals quick self care Jan 19, 2023

God provides us with so many ways to reconnect to Him. 

Take a moment to touch a pet what is shelter animal with full presents an alignment with God’s energy. 

Be intentional with your touch focusing on calming and soothing yourself and the animal. 

When you finish give...

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Day 4: Relieve Anxiety with Breath to Reconnect to God anxiety relief quick self care Jan 17, 2023

Relieve anxiety right now. 


when we use our breath to calm our nervous systems, we can immediately access the  magic and mojo that comes from being a child of God. 


Anxiety is the result of having experienced trauma that disconnected us from God’s energy  ...

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Day 3: Let Go of the Past to Make Space for God's Blessings affirmations quick self care Jan 17, 2023
You simply cannot access God’s blessings when you focus on the failures in your past.
We spend a lot of time ruminating on the things that have not gone right in our lives instead of putting our energy into praising God and thanking him for the blessings that are already here and...
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Day 2: 4 Step Practice to Tap into God's Capacity to Manifest Your Dreams as Empathic Women anxiety relief quick self care Jan 16, 2023

You might be surprised to know that empaths can align deeply with God to manifest dreams into reality.

In this 8 day challenge to draw closer to God, try this simple 4 step practice.

‍ Light a beautiful candle.

‍ Imagine the energy of God all around you.

‍ See yourself living one part of...

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Day 1: Empaths: Eliminate the Noise of Clutter to Draw Closer to God anxiety relief Jan 15, 2023

Real talk for Empaths. Deepen your relationship with God as the year of the rabbit approaches. 

Join me for eight days of tips that will help you to root and anchor yourself to the peace and abundance of God as an empath. 

Tip 1 declutter your space —especially eastern regions of...

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Empathic Women: Join the Free Private Facebook Group for Deep Support Jan 12, 2023

Do you ever feel alone and misunderstood as an empathic woman?

Imagine a sacred space where you are seen and heard fully.

Imagine a community where you can receive support from other women who are also on the journey of making their sensitivities their greatest super powers vs feeling exhausted...

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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
Bite Sized Reset to Help Cut Cords to Toxic People
Bite Sized Reset to Help Cut Cords to Toxic People guided meditation qi gong healing quick self care Jan 06, 2023

Are you feeling tired after the holidays?

You want to soar into the new year and the goals you've set but just feel exhausted?

It could be that you have toxic people in the life that are draining your energy.

This year, it is especially important to let go of the cords to toxic people who:

  • Take...
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Reduce Anxiety in 5 Minutes with a Qi Gong Breath Reset (First Corinthians and Psalm 104) audio healing guided meditation qi gong healing quick self care Dec 29, 2022

Happy New Year and thank you for taking a pause to invest in you.

Did you know that controlling your emotions quickly is not only possible, but also necessary for a successful 2023?

When our emotions are intense, we lose connection with the peace of God...and our anxieties start to snowball,...

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Get Rid of Holiday Overwhelm in 6 Minutes Dec 24, 2022

The truth is that the holidays can especially challenging for sensitive, empathic women.

We are overwhelmed by holiday tasks and family duties.

There's so much stimulation all around us.

It's hard to find a moment for ourselves to unwind.

Click here to experience the 6 minute reset.

Then, feel...

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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
Clears Brain Fog in 5 Minutes with the Qi Gong Sound Spa Healings
Clears Brain Fog in 5 Minutes with the Qi Gong Sound Spa Healings Dec 12, 2022

Stop struggling.

Any empathic woman with brain fog can get clarity and focused thoughts with my 5 Minute Qi Gong Brain Fog healing because it helps you release the emotional overwhelm that is causing muddled thinking and emotions.

Enjoy this reset from the Aiki Healing Sound Spa and let me know...

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